By Breeders Edge

Puppy Identification Collar

12 Colorful ID Collars that GROW with your Puppies!

A must for Breeders and more Colorful than ever! All Velcro wrap-around Puppy ID bands and whelping collars. A narrow profile make these bands ideal for, washable, reusable, they GROW with your Puppies!
Forget the nail polish markings and leave the awkwardness and inconvenience of tying and retying ribbon, rickrack or crocheted collars behind! When using PUPCOLORS!™ simply overlap the excess, check regularly for proper fit and resize as puppies grow. A single whelping ID band can identify each pup until they leave the litter to join their new family. Delighted owners benefit by taking home a collar-tolerant new pup, you benefit from a simple, fast and cost-effective solution to puppy identification...both breeders and buyers alike benefit from the ability to easily track each puppy’s progress.

One size is suitable for all breeds. Their slim profile and lightweight construction make them as well suited to the diminutive Toy Breeds and Giant Breed pups alike. PUPCOLORS!™ are colourfast, washable and reusable and with 12 bands per pack, can easily accommodate even the largest litters!

PUPCOLORS!™ truly are the pick of the litter in puppy identification collars!

Enjoy our video with the sound on!

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