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Puppy Identification Collar

12 Colorful ID Collars that GROW with your Puppies!


I happily gathered up all the rickrack in my whelping supply box and threw it out yesterday. Puppies no longer get their tiny legs caught under rickrack collars and Pupcolors are soooo easy to adjust as they grow. Thx again.

Linda Medero - Yankee Shelties, Newark, Delaware

The bands are FANTASTIC!!! We've been thinking that this is the easiest litter in 5 years, and it's in large part due to the Pupcolors! A litter of 9 takes 10 minutes to weigh, and it's so easy!

Jon Benfer-Bang BuTibetan Mastiffs, Neuilly-en-dun, France

I have used other methods of ID for my pups, from yarn to other velcro bands. But Pupcolors ID Bands are the best by far! They are lightweight, not too wide for the youngest pups' necks, and colorful. I love them, especially when I have mutliple Boxer babies that look alike!

Kim Haynes-Winn Creek Boxers, Haw River, NC

Someone on an email list mentioned Pupcolors. I went to the site and voila! The answer to my prayers. Okay, I had not been praying about it, but I was definitely wishing. Ever since we got our first ones, I have been singing the praises. I feel a little like one of those pyramid scheme salespeople who can't have a three sentence conversation without mentioning this GREAT product/investment/whatever you could buy from them. I am so sold that I think if I had a litter of two, one black and one white, I would still put Pupcolors on them!

Sharyn Hutchens-Timbreblue Whippets, Lexington, Virginia

My pups were two weeks old yesterday, and the collars are wonderful.  I put them on at birth, and it makes keeping weights accurate, because you are always checking the right puppy.
With Cairns the colors can be very similar, but your collars keep all the pups individual, and the fact that they grow with the pup is an added bonus.
Thank you so much

Diana Hunter-Carickfergus Cairns

The collars have been a godsend in following the pups as individuals, don't know what we would have done without them. Good on you for inventing them. I tell anyone who will listen what an ingenious thing they are!

John Parker-Summerwind Farm, Newnan,GA.

You have a great product. No more trying to tie fleece collars on squirming puppies or trying to cut collars off of puppies without injuring them or me. I will be buying another set soon. 

Thank you for a great product.

Pamela Champ-Temple Hills, Maryland

Thank-you so much for this wonderful product! It worked perfectly for our last litter of puppies. I am a photographer so I was able to send LOADS of pictures home with the new puppy owners and they could see their puppies from day one. Also, we used the collars to track the growth, development, and personality traits of each individual puppy. It made the whole process of raising puppies so much more personal, because we could identify each puppy individually! Even our vet was impressed by how practical this product was! We will definitely be purchasing another pack from you guys for our next litter!

Madeline Sagorski-Warelake Labradors, Cedar Springs, Michigan

A very good friend who breeds golden retrievers in Canada has been raving about PUPCOLORS and sent me the link to the website so I could order them. The PUPCOLORS are affordable for large litters, very easy to use & adjust as the pups grow, and the width of the collars are not bulky on my puppies’ necks. At my last planned C-section, my reproduction veterinarian and his staff were very impressed with the PUPCOLORS when I put them on my puppies to identify them before weighing each puppy. Thank you for such a wonderful idea!

Kathy Hearn-Gotta Be Golden Retrievers-Ontario, New York

Love ‘em 
Easy to put on, adjust, and take off
Wash well
Collars stand out in pictures better than rick-rack

Diane Welsh-Cantope Standard Poodles, Pefferlaw, Ontario

I love them

Shirley Baxter-Talewagon Bichon Frise, Toronto, Ontario

A simple but excellent design.

Kirstin Gurner-PowerOn Kennels-Verdun, South Australia

We received the Pupcolors today and we love them. My wife said she wished cutting the little darlings nails was as easy and putting the collars on. Thank you so much for getting them in the mail to us so fast.

Steve & Janet Bowerman-Cassiopeia Bouviers-Wasilla Alaska

I love the puppy collars! I used the same collars for the entire eight weeks. The collars washed well and stayed on the puppies comfortably.  

Molly O'Connell-Stratford Wheaten Terriers-Centennial, Colorado

The collars arrived in good time and we are very pleased with them. I ordered four packets so that I could wash the used ones and still have clean ones to put on the pups. So far so good. They have not come undone and I now have the knack of putting them on quickly and correctly. I will be telling other breeders that I know about these collars. They are fantastic!

Jacque Kenworthy-Southern River-Western Australia

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