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Puppy Identification Collar

12 Colorful ID Collars that GROW with your Puppies!

What makes PUPCOLORS!™ unique?

The velcro we use is constructed with the "hook" on one side and the "loop" fibres on the opposite so the band wraps onto itself. The band is simply adjusted to fit the circumference of the puppy’s neck as it grows. The result, a single coloured band for the duration… no buckles, clasps, tabs or tied ends that can present a danger or concern. The added bonus is that PUPCOLORS!™ are colorfast, washable and reusable for several litters! Functional and attractive… Nothing could be simpler!

Bands are 13 inches x 3/8 inch wide (33cm x .95cm)
and long enough to accommodate any breed.

Getting a Band that Binds!

When used correctly the tensile or binding strength of PUPCOLORS!™ is enormous. They don’t undo or pull apart until you want them to.  See the two images below: 


This band is not wrapped onto itself, it likely won’t hold

This band is secure, it won’t come apart until you undo it!

Courtesy of Dachall Dachshunds, QC
Puppy ID collars have been put on these standard longhaired Dachshund pups with care. The material is overlapped perfectly! The amount of overlap is not cumbersome to the puppies and there is plenty of room to accommodate growth.
If a picture is worth a thousand words,
This one speaks volumes!
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