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Puppy Identification Collar

12 Colorful ID Collars that GROW with your Puppies!


A delighted breeder who recently wrote to us said it best: "Thank-you for solving an age old breeder problem with these puppy Identification bands."

Indeed, over the years, as a breeder myself, I ran the gamut of distinguishing techniques: nail polish markings, removing snippets of fur, ribbon around the neck, crocheted collars. Having tried and seen everything, it seemed far easier to fly to the moon than find a seamless, economical and dignified way to tag a puppy. That said; some years ago when a new litter arrived and the challenge resurfaced, PUPCOLORS!™ also came to be. The idea of utilizing a lightweight self gripping material not only addressed all the main criteria: it was simple, economical and dignified, but was also fun, attractive and allowed us to introduce collar-tolerant puppies to their new owners.

Today breeders who have tried PUPCOLORS!™ absolutely love them! These practical and colourful puppy identification collars are the perfect answer to the ID dilemma!

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